The price of legal advice must be weighed against the cost of going without it.

Attorney Fees

Labor and Materials Model

I was raised in the family of a tradesman so I base my fees on a labor and materials model, charging by the hour for consultation and pricing the production of documents according to a flat fee schedule.   I can generally give a firm estimate of the cost of a project before it is begun.

Document Review

Hourly charges apply to  the review of legal documents prepared by other attorneys.  All legal opinions are based on New Mexico law regardless of the jurisdiction where the document was drafted.

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A minimum retainer of $800 must be on deposit in the client funds account before work is begun. This retainer is applied to regular bills as they are generated. 

Custom Crafted Documents

The law firm has templates for commonly requested legal documents, like wills and revocable trusts.  Our goal is to create an integrated set of paperwork that fully accomplishes the client's objectives.


Clients seek legal advice in order to make informed choices. It is not necessary to know in advance what legal documents might be necessary to give effect to the plan that emerges from a consultation. 

Credit Card Payments

Most Credit Cards Accepted

The firm's merchant account is with MyCase, a company specifically for lawyers. An initial retainer may be charged by credit card and deposited to a client trust bank account for application to the first months' bill. Thereafter, clients receive their invoices by email and may pay through the secure MyCase website. 

Discounts for Teamwork

Attorney McKeever prefers to work as a member of a team that may include, along with client, accountants, real estate or insurance professionals, and financial planners. In order to encourage clients to retain experts in other areas, Attorney McKeever offers discounts when working on teams with other professionals.

Community Service

Each year, pro bono services are donated to an appropriate 501(c) organization.

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We work around your busy schedlue and offer private, confidential consultations 

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