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Attorney Fees

Labor and Materials Model.  Lynn McKeever was raised in the family of a tradesman and it seems natural to her to charge by the hour.  With the advent of digital technology, this practice is sometimes unfair: attorneys spend some of our time doing production work that used to be assigned to support staff.  Recently, Lynn McKeever has reverted to a labor and materials model, charging flat fees for legal products that (to her mind) compare to the "materials" used in construction.  Her sister company, COMPLIANCE NEW MEXICO LLC, owns copyrights to template documents that are billed at flat rates. The rate schedule for pleadings and legal documents is available by e-mail from Compliance New Mexico LLC. Of course, hourly charges will still apply to consultation, correspondence, court appearances and meetings.

Credit Card Payments.  The firm's merchant account is with with LawPay, a company specifically for lawyers. An initial retainer is charged by credit card and deposited to a client trust bank account for application to the first months' bills.  Thereafter, clients receive their invoices by e-mail and may pay through the secure LawPay website.

Discounts for Teamwork
Attorney McKeever prefers to work as a member of a team that includes the client, along with accountants, real estate professionals, and other attorneys.  In order to encourage clients to retain experts in other areas, Attorney McKeever offers discounts when working on teams with other professionals.


    "The price of legal representation must be weighed against the cost of going without it." Lynn McKeever, 1989

      A minimum retainer of $800.00 must be on deposit in the client funds account before work is begun.  This retainer is applied to regular bills as they are generated.

    Flat fees:  The law firm may purchase services from Compliance New Mexico LLC and other entities that offer package arrangements for legal documents. When significant drafting is required to alter standard documents to meet client needs, regular hourly fees may apply.

    except when consultation is included in a flat fee, correspondence (including emails), court attendance, and meetings are charged at $250/hr.

    Project Discounts:
      Lynn McKeever likes to work collaboratively with other professionals such as financial planners, case managers, litigators,  accountants and brokers.  When working alongside another professional who is also charging an hourly rate, Lynn McKeever will try to negotiate a discount or a project fee so that the client does not bear the risk of paying for too much hot air.

    Commitment to Professional Values:  Although she has taken graduate business courses, Lynn McKeever will never forsake her best professional judgment and her Jewish values in pursuit of profit.  She will put the interests of her clients above her own financial advantage, though she may refuse any representation that jeopardizes her solvency.

    Each year, pro bono services are donated to an appropriate 501(c) organization.

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